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Complaints Procedure

Clwyd Welsh Pony & Cob Association

Complaints Procedure

The Association’s Committee takes complaints very seriously and tries to ensure that all interested parties, whether paid-up members or members of the public, are satisfied with the activities and operation of the Association. When complaints are made they will be dealt with courteously and promptly so that issues might be resolved as quickly as possible.


Our aim is to react to complaints in the way that we would wish our own complaints about the Association to be handled. This is a charitable organisation run by volunteers and we respond to all complaints in a sensitive and caring way.


1.           All complaints should be made in writing to the Secretary, unless the complaint implicates the Secretary, in which case it should be directed to the Chairman.


2.           If the complaint arises from an event or situation then it should be made within 5 working days following that event or situation. It might be that the Committee itself wishes to raise issue over a situation and take steps to resolve such issue, such as for example unacceptable behaviour.


3.           Any such complaint received by the Secretary (or Chairman) will be acknowledged in writing and will be presented to the next available Committee meeting for consideration.


4.           All such complaints will be dealt with in confidence.


5.           In dealing with a complaint or issue, the Committee may deem it necessary to conduct an investigation and take witness statements. Cognisance will be given to the rules and regulations of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society but in certain circumstances such guidance may not be appropriate and the Association will take such action as it deems to be appropriate.


6.           The Committee will consider the evidence and reach a decision which will be notified in writing by the Secretary to the complainant within 5 working days following the decision being taken.


7.           In the event of an issue being raised by the Committee itself about an individual or situation the individual will be notified in writing that the matter has become an issue for consideration and will be notified of the outcome in due course.


8.           The decision of the Committee will be final and there will be no right of appeal.



Secretary : Mrs Heulwen M Jones, 1 Rhuddlan Road, Acrefair, Wrexham. LL14 3LJ



Chairman :  Stephen Johnson, Pengwern Hall, Llangollen, Denbighshire, LL20 8AW

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